Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Richard Chai is a new designer, who released his first collection in 2004. Previous to this he worked with Marc Jacobs and helped launch the Marc by Marc Jacobs label. His style is highly tailored and slightly feminine. In 2008 Chai released his menswear line which got him the recognition he has today.
Chai's style is casual but mixes fabrics like silks with wool and tweed. Until recently Chai's collections seemed to be pretty feminine and delicate with no spark of grunge at all. His current collection for fall 2011 tells a different story. the picture on the left is from Chai's menswear collection for 2011. The baggy, dull coloured look on his menswear collection definitely has a grunge influence. His womenswear also for 2011 seems to have turned over  anew leaf with tailored, fitted feminine styles (see right) being replaced with baggy, oversized knits over trousers with coats (bottom right). His first collection for womenswear seemed to be all nude and white with an innocent touch but that has been dirtied up with blacks, dark blue, olives and browns.
Richard Chai's stocks at places like Matches of London. Because of his price tag, Chai seems to be high end grunge, with dresses around the £350 mark.

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